Have you bought a reseller account or VPS, started gathering clients and it outgrows you... You suddenly do not have the time or resources to support the clients.

Do not trash your clients, their services and the Brand name... We will find a home for them on our network, keep their accounts and services active, and maintain your pricing. We will then provide them outstanding support and stability known by our own Customers today.

Who are we?

We are established web hosting company in Central Illinois with operations in Saint Louis, MO and Denvero, CO that looks for small beginners web hosts as well as medium sized hosts that wish to sell and get out of the hosting business (for whatever reasons).

What we target:
1. Hosts making $500-$15,000/yr in revenue.
2. Low profitable business with low pricing
3. Reseller, Shared, VPS clients

Please send me a private message or email webuywebhosts [at] gmail [dot] com and we can discuss via email or Skype and get a NDA signed.