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    Tell Me Something About Litespeed Webserver

    Tell Me Something About Litespeed Webserver. I am about to install it on my vps and the hosting company is TMZVPS.

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    Litespeed web servers are web servers which have been designed to run with very small resource overhead because of hardware, environment, or simply for the challenge of it. This Web Server is the company's core product, a lightweight proprietary web server, which is able to read Apache configuration directly and used together with web hosting control panels by replacing Apache.
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    If you're looking at alternative webservers, then you should consider other options as well. Litespeed is great for what it is, but it's not the only Apache replacement. You should consider using free webservers such as Nginx (my recommendation, but can be a headache if you're on an unmanaged plan and don't know how to work it) or Lighttpd (which is currently in use powering an active IPBoard forum). Both of these are going to be more lightweight and offer some performance increase over a stock Apache install.

    I guess the better question is: Why are you looking at Litespeed and what are you trying to accomplish by replacing Apache? Is this something you will be managing yourself, or do you have managed support to do it for you?
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