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    Dalhosting Review

    After problems with my previous hosting (networkpanda - SERIOUSLY Stay away from them) I needed a hosting where to temporary host my websites till I find a new one. Went to the Special Offers forum here and found offer from Dalhosting.
    1gb space
    10gb traffic and for $0.49/month with a coupon,cant beat that!
    Have been with them for 2months now and not a single downtime minute, helpful staff- they moved my All files from backup I had within few hours. So I had no downtime at all while moving and no hassle to do the backup myself.
    I dont have HUGE traffic websites only about 1k visitors/day but stil for about $5/year I wasnt expecting to actually find a hosting which is decent! Was paying $120/year before for Hostgator.

    Big Thumbs Up for Dalhosting ,hope the service will continue this way.

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    Sounds more like an advert than a review.

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    What domain do you have hosted with them, you can report it as required.
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    Thanks for the review - glad you happy! Whats your website ?

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    heres updated review after almost a year of using them.
    service has went a bit downhill regarding uptime and site loading speed, my uptime monitor reports 99.8% uptime which isnt that great...
    but then again Im paying $0.49/month for my package, so I can't really complain,can i?
    other then that no problems.

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    It depends, as 99.89% uptime, albeit not that great, is totally different from 99.81% - which is pretty bad.
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