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    Hello WebHostingTalk forums,

    I just registered today after finding the website a week ago while trying to figure out to configure certain aspects of my dedicated server.

    I am glad to be a part of the community, and I hope to increase my knowledge of web hosting and other miscellaneous aspects of computing through the site!

    I am a sixteen year old male from the USA, and I run my own Minecraft server, which is why I have gotten into web hosting. I administrate numerous aspects of my server through a dedicated server that I rent, and it's been a lot of learning for me as I go from having things done for me to doing things myself but that is not to say that I'm not enjoying the adjustment.

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    Hi jflory7 and welcome to Web Hosting Talk!

    We have listed some important information in our forum guidelines and answer guide. We require every member to read and follow all forum rules and guidelines. We strive to keep our forum a useful resource where you can share your thoughts, ideas, frustrations, and ask for solutions to problems on hosting related news and services. Thank you for choosing to join Enjoy your stay!

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