We have in UK stock the following for sale

Equallogic PS4100X, 24 x900Gb 10k SAS 2.5", 2 x controller, 2 x PSU

Equallogic PS6010XV, 16 x 600Gb 15k SAS, 2 x Type 10, 2 x PSU, v5.0.2, 9TQHYH1

Equallogic PS6010E, 16 x 1000Gb 7.2k SATA, 2 x Type 10, 2 x PSU, v5.0.5, 4R9CVL1

Equallogic PS6510E, 48 x 2TB 7.2k SATA, 2 x Type 10, 3 x PSU, v4.3.0, 1VY3HJ1

50 x Dell PowerEdge R610, 1 x L5520, 8Gb, 0HD, H200, iDRAC Ent, 2 x PSU, Rails @ 395 + VAT each

20 x Dell PowerEdge R710, 1 x E5504, 6Gb, 2 x 300Gb 15k, PERC6i, iDRAC Ent, 2 x PSU (the R710 servers were made by Dell for EMC and have no rack ears, they still mount perfectly in racks) @ 395 + VAT

12 x Dell Powervault MD1000, Dual controller, Dual PSU, 15 x Dell 1Tb SATA Drives (drives are new 6GBPS)@ 1500 + VAT

All goods fully tested and sold with our 6 month warranty

email or pm with any questions
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