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    Smile How to remove plugins in wordpress?

    I installed some plugins in wp, and sometimes I also would like to remove some, and then I see some issue. Sometimes after removing the plugins in the control panel, if you view the website, the content related with the plugin is still existing, I wonder how to solve this? Thank you.!

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    How do you go about removing the plugins? By default, all files related to a plugin should be located in wp-content/plugins, from where you can physically remove them.

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    Got to Your admin dashboard
    on the Left hand side you can see Plugins
    Click on it
    You will see all the plugins that have been installed on your wordpress site & admin panel. Also You can see which one is active or not.

    For each plugins you have ** Activate | Edit | Delete ** Press Delete

    and you are done

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    You can follow what the friends said, but if you talk about a Plugin or a Plugins that Won't to be Removed, you can use Phpmuadmin to do so... here is an article about how to do that : Disable Plugin From Database in Wordpress


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    1. Log into your wp-admin
    2. Go to plugins.
    3. Click remove.

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    Guys, are you even reading the question? I'm sure OP can click the plugins away, that's not the issue.

    If you have a caching plugin, disable that.

    Some plugins use WordPress' post meta (custom fields) to store their content. Usually the plugin handles showing that content too, but in case your template does that, the custom content may still be there. I'd see if the template can be edited.

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    Thank you for the understanding. I checked again, and saw there's something like wp cache, where I could remove the expired content, and then I see the website could almost work properly.

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    If you have some errors and just want to trouble shoot rename the folder first , don't need to remove

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    1. Go to the plugins page, located at Plugins > Installed
    2. Click on the check box at the top left to select all of the plugins
    3. From the pulldown menu to the right of the check box, select "deactivate"
    4. Assuming you're running the current version of WordPress, all plugins will now be grayed.
    5. Now, click the check box to select all the plugins again, and this time select "Delete" from the menu.

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    After removing plugins then Install new plugin " clear cache " and activate it. From there you can clean all removed plugin files and codings. This plugin automatically delete.

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    Kindly review the below link:

    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you for the link, which looks quite useful. And I have something called 'wp cache' available, I guess it's just similar to the ones you are recommending.

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    1.Login to your site's files using the file manager provided by your webhosting company or using an FTP program such as Filezilla.
    2.Browse to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
    3.Find the folder of the plugin you wish to disable.
    4.Rename that folder

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    Hi, thank you for the reply and advice. I wonder if it's 'rename the folder' or 'remove the folder'?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lindavictoria View Post
    Hi, thank you for the reply and advice. I wonder if it's 'rename the folder' or 'remove the folder'?
    remove it entirely if you want the plugin gone, with no trace.

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    Yeah that's what I am talking about in this topic.

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