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    Lightbulb Looking for High Quality name for an IT company [Suggestions needed]

    Hello WHT,
    I am establishing a new firm for IT industry including all kind of development and hosting functions. Please suggest me some names for it to setup.. as i am lot messed up and can't find a dedicated name that can be great catchy and looks professional and sounds like an enterprise.

    i hope you guys understand what i mean.. i can pay if you need a cost.. But not a big one as i have long list of investment waiting in my lane.

    I have to register it as well so kindly PM me instead of posting them in public it will help me keeping it hidden for a while.

    Thanks a lot in advance..

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    Re: Looking for High Quality name for an IT company [Suggestions needed]

    Umbrella Nano Tech dot com is for sale.

    If you like to buy send your offer price.

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    I have the domain and

    I will take $50 for both.

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    I have

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    I will offer you - this name has significant brand potential. PM me for details.

  6. #6 is for sale.
    Want to sell domain names? Sign up today for an reseller account from a trusted eNom ETP provider.
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    I have Brandable. Let me know if you are interested.

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    I can sell you
    A new world in gaming.

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