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    subdomain help

    I am interested in creating a subdomain just for a mobile website. Is it possible to create a subdomain that only has wordpress on the subdomain. I would like my main html website be on the main domain and any mobile viewers be routed to the subdomain. I prefer not to have WP on the main domain to "mess" things up.

    Any thoughts?

    Also, how do you determine when to go from shared hosting to VPS?

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    Yes of course you can set up a sub-domain and WP installed into the root of said sub-domain.

    You just need to re-direct the mobile traffic to that sub-domain.

    when to go from Shared to VPS is a bit more complicated. It might be when you out-grow what shared has to offer or it might be when you need a custom setup that shared does not offer.
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    thanks. Just what I needed to know.

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