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    Question What resolvers do you use?


    I'm having a discussion with my admins about this, and wanted to see what the other company's are using for their resolvers.

    Normally we use these three resolvers:

    Primary: (
    Secondary: (
    Tertiary: (

    However, one of my admins said that using Google DNS (or openDNS) will sometimes result in all mails being tagged as spam, because some RBLs block access to those public resolvers.

    To prove his point, he showed that if you click the "help" icon on the cpanel exim configuration page for the RBL: option, it says this:

    This option requires the use of a non-public DNS resolver. Public resolvers like Google or OpenDNS will not return correct results.
    What do you think? What do you use for your resolvers?

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    We generally use one that our datacenter offers but most of the host does use google resolver. I have never heard about getting blacklisted in the RBL because of google resolver. - Offshore Web Hosting Provider. Netherlands/Romania || 24x7 Support
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    sometimes result in all mails being tagged as spam, because some RBLs block access to those public resolvers.
    That's correct. Spamhaus as an example keeps blocking requests from google's open dns resolvers.

    It's not about spam only, Open DNS servers are always being used in ddos attacks/reflection and recursion attacks as well. It's highly recommended to consider using DNSSEC.

    What do you think? What do you use for your resolvers?
    Use the private ones you get from your provider. Otherwise, Use the ones provided by google and use dnssec along with it.

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    we use google and opendns ips
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    It is always good to have your own DNS servers due to many reason, that includes better control over your DNS queries /traffic, can enforce caching and can reduce the time for DNS queries from your network. You may find a better response time from google's DNS servers than yours when you test DNS servers with loads of queries ( based on the power of your local DNS servers ). But google DNS servers are built to manage millions of queries and there won't be such a query flood from a medium network normally. What we want to take in consideration is the DNS response time in normal load.

    Regarding the false results, what they are mentioning is "NXDOMAIN hijackin". I don't find any official declaration; but I found an article in wikipedia which states google DNS doesn't provide you spoofed results. At least we haven't met with any such issues in the past after using google's DNS servers on hundreds of servers.Another one is availability. We may rely on google's brand name and depend upon their high available services; rather than worrying about the uptime of our local resolver .So if you go for open solutions, google is the best choice in my opinion.

    Hope this helps!

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    I use Google's. Never had any issues with them.

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    Have used google and one from DC never get any hard issue

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    google and OpenDNS
    if one fails, the other one won't (usually)
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