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    Lightbulb Looking for establishing long term IT industry in India needed suggestions please.

    Hello WHT members,

    Since last few days i have been planning to work on setting up an IT industry on a big level not investing a huge or a big amount but i want to slowly ramp up the stage and work on establishing the company. It will be based on for development, hosting, and marketing. But i am bit worried due to market and on going worldwide condition.. I need some suggestions that is it still beneficial market to setup as per for the long term profit base and getting good reputation and naming in industry.. some tips on bonus will be very appreciated..

    Some few help i too want..

    >> Is there anyone who can tell me how to fetch customer on recurring basis.. like on monthly type.. without making my loss and much investing getting that customer..

    >> How to remain for long term in industry..

    >> What stuffs to neglect to maintain a reputed market and where not to invest in order to preserve unwanted money investment..

    I hope i will be guided at best..

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