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    How would this server do for VPS containers and what else is needed.

    CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1270 Quad Core @ 3.4 GHz/core with Hyperthreading
    Memory: 16 GB
    HDD: 1TB 7200 RPM SATA
    Bandwidth: 30 TB (100 Mbps unmetered) or 10 TB (1 Gbps burstable)
    IP Address: 1
    Operating System: CentOS or Windows

    Is that a decent server to start out and offer VPS services? What else like software wise would I have to purchase. Also is this's decent server for reseller and shared hosting with cPanel ??

    Many thanks

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    Over 3,000 posts and so clueless ? Good luck hosting VPS services with one IP address..

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    I was going to say good luck with more than a couple of VPS's on that single HDD until @softsho011 beat me to it.

    Short answer is NO - that server is not a good choice to offer VPS's on - there is insufficient Disk IO with a single HDD - and I would not put ANY clients on a machine with just a single drive, but it is OK to use as a personal dev/test machine for VM's.

    At a minimum for offering VPS's, a pair of disks in Raid1, but then, you will still only be able to put a small number (probably 5-10 VM's). Really should be looking at RAID 10 as a minimum.

    Now as a shared hosting server, I would still say NO - you should have raid1 as a minimum, and also a 3rd drive for your /backup While you might get away with it for the moment, it is certainly not ideal.

    Finally, with the 1 IP you could get away with that for shared hosting, for VPS's you will require at least 1 IP per VPS.
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    The server is good enough. Just add at least 1 more drive and raid-1 for redundancy. You can sell like 12-15 good Xen VPSes with this machine. - Web Hosting with DDoS Protection | Shared & Reseller in Europe/North America
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    Quote Originally Posted by WebHostDog View Post
    The server is good enough. Just add at least 1 more drive and raid-1 for redundancy. You can sell like 12-15 good Xen VPSes with this machine.
    Raid-1 on two drives would be slow as hell with over 4-5 VPS's (depending on their load/use). The disk IO would be terrible.

    And as others mentioned, 1 IP address isn't going to get you very far either.
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    You definitely want to consider 4x HDD'S (Hardware RAID-10) so that you have room to place several containers on this machine and make a decent profit; disk I/O will be your bottle neck on a single or dual drive setup..

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