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    HELP! OpenVPN installed. Now need to remove client access. How? Centos 5

    I installed OpenVPN in my Centos 5.. using this script :

    "wget www(dot)intovps(dot)com/scripts/
    Make the script executable:
    chmod +x
    Run the script

    and added about 10client... with easy script

    my question

    1. how to delete/disable client from connect to my VPN server?
    2. how to view/print all openvpn user/client list? (not connected/connected client)

    Thank you so much...

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    Hi Ardy,

    As far as i'm aware OpenVPN uses users that are created on the system, So if you login to OpenVPN with the login of 'Darryn' there will be a system account named 'Darryn' so you will just have to delete him with the command 'sudo userdel Darryn' and this should prevent him from using the VPN software again. (You can test this just to be safe by creating a new user with 'sudo useradd Billy' and set a password with 'sudo passwd billy'.

    And to list the users just use the command 'cat /etc/passwd' will generate a list of all accounts including default system accounts such as ftp. To output the list with just the names use this command 'cat /etc/passwd | cut -d ":" -f1'
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    and your can revoke a old certificate and generate a news certificate to new user

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    Best way to openvpn accounting is using FreeRADIUS or radius with IBSng user accounting system

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