We are proud to announce the availability of two new services, in addition to our enterprise-class Virtual Private Server (VPS) offering:

- Dedicated Servers
- Colocation Service

We now offer high-quality dedicated servers from 140EUR per month or 1512EUR per year. You can build your own dedicated server configuration by choosing among a large number of Intel Xeon E5v2 CPU models, RAM and HDD options. All dedicated server comes with one management VPN, which allow you to remotely control your server's keyboard, mouse and video (KVM), including virtual medias like CD-ROM drives. You are free to run your own operating system, and to do it in a reliable and secure environement. All servers are connected to a fully-redundant, non-blocking data-center fabric, with uncrowded internet bandwidth.

The colocation service allow you to run your own server hardware in our data-center space, with the same feature set as our dedicated servers offering. You can access your server IPMI/DRAC management interface through our highly-secure remote-access VPN and remotely turn your server's power on/off directly from the outlet.

In addition to these two new services, we offer Premium Bandwidth SLA, Site-To-Site Virtual Private Networks (VPN) up to 1 Gigabit per second and DDoS protection.

For more information about our offfering, please visit our website at https://www.quickvz.com.