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    Terms of Service and other legal documents

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to get a terms of service and a few other legal documents (privacy policy, etc) written for my web hosting business. Any idea where I can get this done? I'd like to follow US laws as the majority of my customers are US-based. However, I'm not located in the US myself - although my business is.

    I don't really want to use my lawyer here in Dubai, any ideas where I can get this done online?


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    take a look at

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    It is a good idea to lawyer...this is how MochaHost's terms of service were written. HOWEVER...I know for a fact that the terms of service cannot be right protected, so you can get "ideas" from other hosting companies. Still, you have to adapt them to your company and it is a very good idea to consult a specialist before you start doing business. I had a Groupon type of a website few years ago...did not bother paying a lawyer. Made my own T&C by reading the competition.
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    You'd contact David Snead ( He works as a lawyer in the web hosting industry. Many web hosters use his services. He is also a speaker in HostingCon conferences.
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