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    free Anti Virus for windows server..


    is there a free antivirus + spyware protection for windows server 2008 r2 x 64?? I'm using plesk panel so it has to bee compatible with it ..


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    Check out their free anti virus software should work. Ill keep looking though and will respond if I find anything. If you get one with a firewall just have it allow plesk application/ports.

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    Many people use ClamAV on Linux based systems, they also have a version for Windows:

    I haven't tried the Windows version so I cannot vouch for it at all.

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    Thanks guys.. actually clamav doesn't have a real-time scanner, you have top run the scan manually which makes it useless..

    the problem is, I only have 1 dedicated windows server and AVs like Kaspersky endpoint security licenses are for 10 machines at a very high price! isn't there a scanner for only 1 server ??

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