ALERT: ARIN now down to their last couple /8s! and become tougher than ever to get IPv4 blocks

Several of my clients got their first IPv4 blocks last week and expecting to get some this week for couple more other clients!

Note that this process is not cheap and will require some investment and commitments there's no real cheap way around this (ARIN itself charge over a thousand dollars for registration and initial allocation) I only assist companies with genuine requirements. However i do charge reasonable fee for my consulting work and guarantee those whom i will accept with money back.


So you are now finding it harder and more expensive to get more IPv4 from your hosting/service/datacentre provider? --- you are not alone and it will only get worse as IPv4 runs out and your provider will try their best to profit on their IPv4 resources! --- FACT!

Maybe your last change to get your own IP's before they finally ran out!!!!! --- Got few of my clients got their ASN and IP space last week --- no hassle approval upon request application! why not give it a shot and secure your business' future?

Today might be your lucky day, as i have helped many hosting providers and legitimate businesses secure their own IP space last year from ARIN and APNIC!

Check out my consulting services details below and i will only work for your best interest so you get it right the first time and at lowest possible investment. You are Web/VPS/Dedicated Server host? don't hesitate consult me and i won't treat you as competitor but rather a colleague in the industry and you can also benefit from my expert insight and advises so you can better improve your overall business.

Are you a hosting company looking to secure your own ARIN or APNIC IP space? This could be be best decision you'll ever do for your company to ensure continuous growth with the scarcity of IPv4s and before they totally ran out!

All RIRs are depleting their IPv4 stock some like APNIC is in severe short supply so it is getting very difficult to apply for resources nowadays, the good news is they still give out IPv4s if you can justify your needs and you comply with requesting guidelines which can be the tough part.

Advantage of having your own IP resources
-Move your server to other Data centre and maintain your clients IP
-Competitive advantage against other hosts
-Add value to your business
-Cheaper as most DC's now charge $1-$3 per IP not to mention justification everytime you request
-Your own abuse contact details so you can deal with abuse yourself and avoid upstream disconnection that can end your business
-Prestige, there are big clients who only deal with hosting company who own their IP and network
-Avoid losing your clients as some will go directly to your hosts who own the IP than dealing with you.
-Privilege to request bigger blocks if you can justify them after your initial allocations.
-Many other benefits

You can spend a lot of time researching the internet and do trial and errors and end up spending a lot of money, time and frustrations, get a consultant and you avoid mistakes and be on the right track.

I have experience applying our own IP and ASN resources to both APNIC and ARIN successfully and then helped other hosting companies get their own too!

What you will get?
-Professional, confidential and friendly consulting service
-Your best interest is always priority so you get best deals
-Assessment of your current situation
-Tailored suggestions you must do for compliance so you can get your own resources
-Best practice for dealing with IP/ASN application with ARIN
-Some tips you won't find elsewhere to speed up your approval
-Share my proven business contacts
-Unlimited Email and chat support until you get your approval
-Payment Invoice from QuickWeb
-We can also offer you colocation / lease to own dedicated server services in your own cabinet
-Assist you to build your own multihomed BGP network!
-Money back guarantee*(terms and conditions applies)

*If you follow my advice and you end up not getting your resources within 3 months of trying i will gladly refund your money in full.

Email me for my consultancy rates and initial free assessment of your situation and i will tell you if you can possibly get or not so we do not both waste our time: rg(at)

I also offer multi-homing networking consultancy if you want to run your own BGP for small to medium network implementation using layer 3 switches or dedicated router, including VLANS for VPS/Dedicated Hosters so you can move your clients between servers, rack and keep same IP etc running vyatta router taking full tables if you need to.

I'm only taking in limited numbers of new clients so first come first serve, no tyre kickers and information fisher please, i will only deal with people with legitimate needs and seriously have funds available hence i will only respond to legitimate companies or parties.