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    Post [For Hire] Customer Support & System Administration

    Hello, I am Ethan, I have run and been apart of many projects where I had to act as customer support for friends and businesses starting out as well did my own business years ago which was closed once I had my customers transferred to another service a friend had..

    Anyway, I just moved to Arizona, phoenix. I am skilled in server operations and customer support like I stated before. Since I had to be all the tasks myself sometimes I had to learn everything myself. I would believe I would have about 4-6 years of experience related to server operation, mostly game-servers on windows and linux systems (Like Ubuntu). So I know how to make and setup MYSQL databases and such, If I where to signing to how to setup a basic site setup quickly and able to setup plesk and CPanel/WHM since I know where to look to install doc. If I don't know "google it" is what I normally do.

    So if you do host dedicated servers and don't have a skilled employee for handling game server requests or inquires then I would be the best for that. Otherwise I have experience with WHM/CPanel and Plesk for years and well knowledge-able and have used non-control panel hosting and setting up manually isn't hard at all for me... more like second nature.

    I done customer service for more than 4 years, with one of those years I was employed at McDonalds. I have a calm voice and it very hard to anger me when I am doing a job. I hardly ever had to deal with angry customers as I keep it to the point and handle the task efficiently (and nicely) as possible.

    I am always open to do a interview and if you want my resume or contact details just send me a message.

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    Ethan - We have a OS X / Linux Systems Engineer position open in Phoenix if you are interested:

    Contact me directly if you are interested.
    Adam Hobach - CyberLynk Network, Inc. ahobach @ - Colocation, Managed/Dedicated Servers, VPS's, Windows/Linux Hosting, Spam/Virus Filtering, VOIP, Offsite Backup - Are you looking to sell your hosting business? Contact me today!

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