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    DC74 30 Day Review

    I have been with DC74 ( for 30 days now and I am very pleased with my decision to use them.

    I entered into the Colocation side of my business at the beginning of this year being a complete novice to colocation. Though I have learned some things this year, I still considered myself a novice when I decided to move my colocation needs to a datacenter that was nearer to me.

    DC74 has been excellent to work with, taking extra time to teach and coach me through the various aspects of getting a rack setup. Their head of tech support engineered my network for the deployment of an Onapp cloud, and I learned so much from him.

    Onapp had no problems installing their software when the time came and that is due to the professionalism and expertise of DC74's staff.

    I think their pricing is very competitive and their network and staff brings added value to my cloud hosting and development business.

    I also want to thank the community here that brought them to my attention when I was looking for a datacenter in North Carolina. Several were recommended to me including DC74. I talked to all of them and for me, DC74 was the one that showed the most care in taking the time to teach me and explain what I was getting from their services. They spent a lot of time with me before I paid them a penny.

    Hope this helps someone who is looking for a datacenter in North Carolina.


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    Curious -- did they charge you for the network engineering services? If so, what was the rate like (if you wish to divulge this info)?

    Sounds like a customer centric company. Nice review.
    Justin Yancey | Northern Virginia & District of Columbia |

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    Brian, thank you for the wonderful review. It is always a joy to share our knowledge and experience with you.

    My colleagues and I were delighted to hear of your praises. We will continue our course to provide you with the best services we can and look forward towards many more chances to show that to you.

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