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    looking for cheapest windows vps about $5/m

    i'm looking for very cheap vps , something like below :

    10 GB Disk Space
    50 GB Monthly Transfer
    512MB Ram,
    Windows VPS Hosting (windows 2008)
    Europe vps location

    any provider or any website provide cheap vps location in europe ?

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    People cannot provide offers in this thread. Please check the VPS offers section to find a VPS that suits your needs and pricing.

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    i already check it , and i can't find any thing .... can i post a topic like this in the VPS offers section to ask for offer ?

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    Windows for $5 and 512MB? Yeah, right. That's never going to happen.
    That's an oversold Linux VPS budget.
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    You can check out buyvm, they offer $5 vps with Windows 2003

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    Quote Originally Posted by linuxclark View Post
    You can check out buyvm, they offer $5 vps with Windows 2003

    thank you , but they are out of stock for the $5 vps already .

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    Quote Originally Posted by quangcao View Post
    can i post a topic like this in the VPS offers section to ask for offer ?
    No, but you can use the Find a Host option. Before you do, however, you need to revise your budget. There are plenty of $5 Linux VPSs around but asking for Windows in that price range is a bit like asking for a bike for the price of a wheel. Would Linux suit you? What is it that you're looking to do?
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    Quote Originally Posted by quangcao View Post
    thank you , but they are out of stock for the $5 vps already .
    512MB Windows VPS seems to be $10/month. Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
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    There are some basic costs to be covered and as every one has pointed out $5/m is too low for Windows VPS. It is no surprise that you've not been able to find a host offering this. Double your budget and you'll have quite a few options available..
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    And you can try burstnet eu location.

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    All the best with your search for a reliable Windows VPS within your budget
    Out of interest.. may l know the application you are planning to host on such CHEAP server?

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    Is this a joke?
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    To be honest, I'm not sure if you should trust any Windows VPS being sold for less than $5/mo...

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    You can install wWiiNnnDooowWss on most KVM VPS. There are plenty offers on LEB for 7$/m with 512MB~ ram.
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    Maybe if you increase your budget with few bucks. you might can find some providers.
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