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    Question Same IP class on different racks - possible?

    Hey folks,

    I'm not a networking expert so I need a clear answer regarding this matter:

    I have 4 machines. Each machine is located in a different rack. Can I - through a VLAN - link all machines and have them all use (real) IPs from a single IP class? Or the IP class can be used on machines ONLY from the same rack?


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    Yes can be done, just route the single ip of the class on different routers of different rack

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    Yes you may use IP address part of the same class. But, it depends on the network they are connected or belong. If all your machines are belong only to a single VLAN, you need to ensure that their IP addresses are belonged to the same Network Address. But, if they belong to different VLAN, you need to subnet the IP address class to different network.
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    yes u can do so but its need s acess to router or switch for manage this situation

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    Like you said, As long as all the servers are in the same vlan then it will be fine ( and you have a router at the end of the vlan )

    if your servers in the current rack are in a vlan, then simply place the other servers in the same vlan and ensure the vlan is trunked correctly between your switches.
    That should be all thats needed
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