October High Performance deals are here, for just this month we offer a series of our budget line at a special discounted rate. Offer is valid for European and our USA based unmanaged servers.

We have 5 types of servers available for this offer:

AMD Athlon™ X2 Dual-Core with 4GB memory and 2x320GB disks [EUR 53.23/mo]

AMD Athlon™ II Quad-Core with 8GB memory and 2x1TB disks [EUR 72.598/mo]

AMD Athlon™ II Quad-Core with 16GB memory and 2x1,5TB disks [EUR 84.69/mo]

AMD Opteron™, 8 Cores, 8x 2.3 GHz with 24GB memory and 2x2TB disks [EUR 95.99/mo]
- can be ordered with : 2x 120 GB SSD, 80K IOPS instead of the 2x2TB on request.

AMD Opteron™, 8 Cores, 8x 2.3 GHz with 32GB memory and 2x3TB disks [EUR 108.89/mo]
- can be ordered with : 2x 250 GB SSD, 80K IOPS instead of the 2x3TB on request.

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The not so small letters of this offer:
Unmanaged ; maximum of 4 IP's per server.

Europe (Strasbourg) or St.Louis (USA)

Access to reboot portal, rescue portal, OS restore portal

Network Bandwidth:
Unmetered at 100Mbit

Additional Options:
Webserver 2008

All prices are inclusive 21% VAT; only at check out our system will check if you need to pay VAT. If you have ac company in europe you will need to provide your VATid; If you are located in the Netherlands you will always need to pay the VAT. Customers outside of Europe will not pay VAT and it will be automatically recalculated at check out.

More information about 040Hosting:
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Questions and Answers

Q: Does 'Maximum of 4IP's per server' mean you can't order more as 4 active IP's on the server.
A: Yes that is what it means.

Q: What if i live outside of Europe, do I pay VAT?
A: No, if you live outside of Europe you do not need to pay the 21% VAT; this will be reduced from the invoice after filling in all fields and processing the order, and if for some reason something goes wrong just contact us we get it resolved for you.

Q: But i have a valid VATid and live in Europe
A: Right; you don't have to pay VAT either we verify your VATID and will reduce the VAT from the order; as well as adding your VATid to the invoice for your paperwork. But if you are from the Netherlands we will need to charge you VAT anyways, that are the rules.

Q: Would you not rather charge no VAT at all
A: Yep, but the evil government doesn't let us do that. So we stick to the rules. Sorry.

Q: I can't find the SSD's for the AMD Opteron™, 8 Cores machines
A: Correct ; please contact our sales support here.