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    Hack: problem with error page


    I hope I post in the correct forum.

    I have a problem I never met before with my "reseller" hosting account. I don't resell but I just have several websites that is why I have a reseller account.

    For some of my sites I have installed WordPress, others are just plain HTML.

    If I type a random URL for one of my domain names/web hosting account I get a 404 error as long as the site is in HTML:

    If I do the same with a domain where I installed WordPress, I see a hacked page from an Indonesian group. How can I remove this page and get a normal error page?

    My WordPress installations are up to date, the support of my hosting company told me to see the problem with my team. I don't have any team.

    Thank you for your help.


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    It looks like they played with your theme 404.php.
    Check inside your /wp-content/themes/YOUR_ACTIVE_THEME/404.php script.

    Also, consider changing your WP admin password, they may have hacked into your admin console and used the built-in theme editor to inject their code.
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    Thank you very much Khunj.

    You are right, they have modified my 404.php file. I don't know how they did it because my passwords are really long and use all sort of characters and numbers. They are not something you can guess even if you know me well.

    Maybe there was a trick to get access at that time.

    Now, the problem is I need to reupload a new 404.php file for each WordPress installation and this page is different depending on the theme used.

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