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    LeaseWeb colocation (EasyNet) down

    Power outage due to a broken Transformer according to LeaseWeb noc. What's happening at LeaseWeb. VPS server is down since last week, and now the colocation servers are also down?

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    Just follow their NOC for the latest updates.

    Latest update:

    Update: Oct 1 12:40:00 CEST
    Data-center Electrical engineers are working on the broken Transformer.
    At this moment there is 1 feed not working and the customer with only 1 feed, we are swapping them over to the second feed when possible.

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    what about the UPS or backup generator??

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    Dear all,

    Please follow our NOC postings that are updated regularly.

    We are expecting another update regarding from EasyNet and keep you informed.

    LeaseWeb - Sales

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