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    Does anyone know about Google Hummingbird update? [merged]

    I heard a lot about that google had launched new update Humming bird. what is that and what ar the modifications in it from old updates?
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    See here some info /
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    yes it was launched since 1 month and google just announced it last Thursday, in fact it's a new algorithm that take some parts of the panda and penguin.. now we have to wait to see the results... few months and we will see the impact negative or positive...
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    I think you must read this one too.
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    But what are the rules according to humming bird and exactly how it works it is still unclear.
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    It undermines the idea of "long tail" key phrases.
    It instead looks for common language, not just random text in a specific order.
    It was unnatural.
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    Hummingbird is Google algorithm and it is relevant information sharing with us and what ever you search Google is showing related and nearest details showing in search engine so that is the best stuff.
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    Here's a link to a good article on Search Engine Journal which explains in detail what the Hummingbird algorithm means.

    I can't post links yet so had to split it up to get it onto the forum. /google-hummingbird-means-online-marketers-seo
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    Yes Hummingbird is the most recent update Google has rolled out, but before we can discuss it in depth.. today there was update about another Penguin-
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    The links provided by the people above me are certainly helpful and explain the question in details, so let me just make a quick summary for the ones that are not into reading long articles

    Hummingbird is the latest algorithm released by Google and although it incorporates some important changes, its more like a logical continuity of what was started with the previous releases - Panda and Penguin. It was strangely announced 30 days after its implementation, maybe because the actual differences will be seen over time, but it is believed that it will affect a massive 90% of websites. For comparison, the Penguin update hit around 2-5% of websites.

    In terms of serving its users, Google is aiming to provide them with the most relevant data they can. Minimizing the importance of "black hat" marketing strategies and encouraging users to put their efforts into quality, unique content is what will be valued. Forget about shady techniques like keyword stuffing and irrelevant backlinks - those will no longer affect page rank as before. With Hummingbird, Google aims to understand you better, answer whole questions and try to anticipate the content most valuable for you. Searching a broader content will be easily well-aranged, providing in-depth articles, retrieved from reputable sources and with long, detailed and more descriptive content. Another big area Google is trying to cover is the mobile searches. In the recent couple of years everyone is going mobile so this was just natural A simple example I got from the Search Engine Journal website: “Google, I’m hungry, where can I eat chinese within a 5 mile radius? I know your friends Jonny and Mike like Siam Chinese, why don’t you go there? And after you can stop for dessert at Menchies since you love frozen yogurt.”
    This depicts the intuitiveness that Hummingbird is trying to achieve.

    Seeking user satisfaction and providing the best info, according to ones needs, indeed sounds good but don't think that Google will not benefit from that and here is where Marketers will have to put much more effort in the future. Two major benefits arise from the way this new algorithm works - Google will keep visitors on their search pages for a longer time and the importance of Google+ will rise significantly.

    Keeping users on the search pages has one simple purpose - sponsored ads will become more appealing for companies and this will generate more revenue for Google. Simple as that. I am personally more interested in the second benefit, tho.

    Google Plus initially was overhyped, it was presented as something revolutionary and user-friendly but its launch in 2011 was not as successful as they hoped. Soon they found a right way and as far as I remember currently its pretty even with Twitter. Ambition knows no boundaries tho, so Google wants more . Before Hummingbird the Google +1 actually had little to no influence over the search engine and that is indeed changing. Google Plus created Communities and introduced other perks that want to "steal" more audience towards them. It's like if you're not in Google+ you're not cool anymore Promoting videos, writing articles, answering questions in details - all this shared content will have greater importance in Google+. And yes - writing in forums will also give you bonus points.

    My idea was to make a summary, but somehow I ended up with quite a long post. Sorry about that guys, I guess the Hummingbird fever has got me also where Service always comes with a smiling face!
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