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    A Small review


    I asked for advice here a few weeks ago and got excellent suggestions.

    My requirements were:

    Location: UK
    Spec: 2GB RAM, 100GB HDD, atleast 2TB Bandwidth

    People suggested the following TMZVPS, PrismaVPS, VPSCreed and BudgetVM. All have very good reputation in the industry with rock bottom prices. I went for cheapest servers out of the bunch to give it a go PrismaVPS.

    PrismaVPS - Excellent customer Service and support, Breck is brilliant. I transferred my sites with no issues and set up was a breeze as well. Although this is an unmanaged service, Breck has helped me solve a few issues. So 10 out of 10 from me.

    I left PrismaVPS because I needed something in the UK for speed. The latency involved in US round trip was causing a bit of slowness in my website response time. So I moved to a local UK based service. I chose PrismaVPS to try how my websites work on a VPS based solution as I was using Reseller from GreenGeeks earlier. With the so low price tag and outstanding support, I must say its an excellent choice. Too bad I had to leave, hopefully will have the chance to work with them in the future.

    TMZVPS: Although I have just moved to TMZ servers, I am also pleasantly surprised with the professionalism of the staff here. An excellent choice as well with rock bottom prices! So far I have no issues and am very happy with the speed of my websites as almost no latency involved for my users since all are UK based. I am getting 1.3 millisecond latency in resolving my domains, which is almost like running them on your own computer.

    So my round trip has been excellent especially due to the support from the providers!

    Hope this review helps other people.

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    Hi @harvinder

    I am extremely happy to hear that everything is working out great with our services. The latency you are getting is great, how far are you from our London, DC?

    - Daniel
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    Hi Daniel

    Thanks once again for your help with my queries on Friday.

    I am using to determine the latency and it reflects true quality of delays as far as I have experienced.

    I am possibly about 55 miles away from the data center, which is excellent

    The DC is in Maidstone which is in a very close proximity to London, so its a very good location. The above website also test speed from Glasgow which is also below the 2 ms mark, again excellent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by harvinder View Post
    The above website also test speed from Glasgow which is also below the 2 ms mark, again excellent.
    There is something wrong with that web site if it's reporting 2ms from Glasgow to Berkshire, most likely via peering in London. The distance involved makes 2ms not possible. At the same time it's reporting 9ms for the latency between Manchester and London which is far more accurate. For Glasgow to Maidenhead 20ms would be a much more accurate result.
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