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    Wordpress theme creation

    We are looking to hire someone to create a wordpress theme for our new website. This will be based from our existing website partially.

    The core of our new website will be a technical blog but will contain areas that list our services, customer reviews, technical articles we write and contact us pages. You will work with our team to theme the areas needed.

    The theme should be clean, with 2 columns (large content and right sidebar). We provide alot of technical code/scripts within our blog posts so handling wrapping/code highlighting (with css and plugins) will be necessary.

    We will provide examples of how we want it to look, development environment and any assistance needed with writing plugins/code. This should be a fairly straight forward job as most of the work is done (you can just use the theme of our existing website).

    We are only interested in someone who has prior experience with wordpress. If you fit this bill please contact us at [email protected] with the subject "Wordpress designer" , include your rate and any sample work you have done.
    Server Management -
    Infrastructure Management, Web Application Performance, mySQL DBA. System Automation.
    WordPress/Magento Performance, Apache to Nginx Conversion, Varnish Implimentation, DDoS Protection, Custom Nginx Modules
    Check our wordpress varnish plugin. Contact us for quote: [email protected]

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