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    building search with php

    Im looking to build a search engine using php, something simple that I can eventually scale, does anyone know of any good open source options to use?

    I have considered using cms but thought building it with php would also allow me to get better at coding

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    If you want something simple for start use code from github just use search there. And if you want to use some other language like python you can start course at udacity "Introduction to Computer Science".

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    Thanks for the info, im hoping someone some more in depth information regarding some open source option or
    some php code to start with, I will take a look through github

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    Depends on what you exactly want to achieve. - Is your site up?
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    I can't post link I thought you can use search, but if it must be php then search for "Ultimate-sphider" its hosted on code google and another option is "Yioop" both are open source.

    Good luck!

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    you want create something like google, yahoo, ask search engine or just a script to searche in all mysql database for something?

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    Are you looking to crawl and store data yourself?
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