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    I am currently building a site for my hosting company, I am using HTML pages and I link them with WHMCS for orders & support.

    Do you advice to use a CMS instead?
    I was little worried from using a CMS, from getting an exploit through the CMS and I felt HTML is more safe and since my site isn't dynamic and WHMCS provide me with what I may need more no need for a CMS.

    What's your advice?
    Is there any popular hosting providers like, or that use a good CMS I may not know about?

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    You should check out's WHMCS templates, they're templates fully integrated into WHMCS so you can manage your entire website from the WHMCS admin panel.

    We don't use them, but they look nice and seems like they're one of the few providers who do this kind of thing.

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    Our site is like yours in the sense we don't use a CMS, We used to run WordPress but there wasn't a need for it so we reverted back to HTML, and it hasn't caused any issues. The only down side is you have to spend a little longer if you want to change a price of a package.

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    We transitioned to a CMS last year and it was one of the best decisions we could have made. Our site had become unwieldy and the CMS has made it so much easier to manage our site for our entire team.

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    There is a plugin i think that integrates WHMCS with wordpress , that is if you believe you can handle wordpress properly

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    My best advice would be to determine your long-term ideas and compare with your abilities, time and willingness to learn.

    When it comes to programming and coding I'm pretty much lost, its just not my thing. This is why I found CMS's to be great - low learning curve, lots of materials, great flexibility and functionality. Not only that but some CMS's like WordPress and Drupal have great SEO options and plugins and you can better market your website.

    But, as DH-TimD stated, your project might be quite small and you may not need such scripts and just stick to HTML. At the end of the day, as you want to establish yourself in the hosting industry you might already know that its a constantly changing business and its better you keep up with it where Service always comes with a smiling face!
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