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    Software to Keep Track of Racks, Cross Connects, and Network

    Is there any software you can recommend to keep track of racks, cross connects, switches, ports, VLANs, IP addresses, and their relationship between all these items?

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    We use our own custom-written application, however many companies use RackTables - If you are looking for a better and paid solution, I'm not the best one to ask for that.
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    We've been playing with Drackula. They've improved their pricing significantly and are on track to do some great work. Visual diagrams, etc.

    There are some features I would like to see implemented, as a colocation and managed services provider, but overall it is a great application.
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    Racktables is a great program, also looks interesting however from the looks of it everything runs on their site itself? (Might be wrong on that) However if it does I rather not use it.
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    +1 for RackTables

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    We also use RackTable and love it. There is also the Netdot project, but its for managing all your network documentation, not just racks.

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