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    Best practice for windows server 2012 regarding RDP


    I am about to get a windows server 2012 server(being prepared now).
    I would like to ask which best practices you all implement , especially regarding RDP(only port change or anything else??)

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    Why do you want to change the port? It will be much better to have a strong password and to install scripts for protecting the server as BFD (BruteForce Detection) and Dos-Evasive (Denial Of Service).

    The Brute Force Detection script should be set to block anyIP that makes some number (by example 5) failed log-ins within some time (by example 1 minute).

    Regards - Windows Web hosting information and resources.

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    Thanks HostingAspNet for your suggestions.
    Actually this will be the second windows server and the first one is being attacked literally every second with a RDP login attempt.
    I already have Syspeace running on that other server to block any IP that makes more then 10 attempts in 10 minutes.
    And I also use a minimum 16 character random strong password with all kinds of character types.

    Are the above methods sufficient in your opinion? Would it not help to change the rdp port, add a rule to the firewall for the new port number so my network bandwidth(however small) is not wasted on these clowns?

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    My recommendation:

    [1] Changed RDP port
    [2] Restrict RDP access to your local IP address (you will need static IP address)

    This should be sufficient to prevent RDP attacks.

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