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    Problems sending emails to gmail

    Customer is having real problems sending emails to mainly gmail / gmail relay addresses.

    Setup is that the apache server sends email via Sendmail from within an application but "normal" email is hosted using Office 365 - only problems seem to be with email sent from the server and not from Offiec 365.

    SPF record has been set up to allow Office 365 to work but does one need to be set to allow the server to send?

    When I look at mail logs I see ctladdr=<[email protected]> as the sending address. Current SPF record shows:

    "v=spf1 ip4:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX ip4:XXX.XXX.YYY.XXX ~all"

    Does this need an entry for or it automatically covered under the main entry for

    If not, what else could cause this? I get the feeling this is a DNS issue but not sure what to try?


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    It looks like that the script does not have "From" header specified hence it is sending email using [email protected] It is a best practice to specify from address in the script it self. Also, you will need to make sure that you have allowed your webserver's IP address in SPF record otherwise your outgoing emails via script may be flagged as spam.

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    Create a SPF record here with a wizard:
    Then add it to your DNS records, check your reverse dns & any blacklistings here:
    English & Spanish Ecards

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    Try to install suphp, suexec, php5-mailheader module of php to trace better the email source like cpanel do.

    You can also set a dedicate php.ini in each vhost/domain and force sendmail to use smtp or a custom/fixed "From:"

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