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    * Selling WHMCS Integrations Business


    I'm selling my business venture. The website was launched at the start of 2012, it's main focus being the integration of WHMCS templates. The site has a unique design and was created by myself. On the site you can see the portfolio, as in the clients which have used helpWHMCS and are satisified with their purchase.
    When and if you buy this business you will receive all the benefits that come with it: portfolio, clients & services database, designs, domain. In total, there are around 100 active and satisfied clients.

    Advertisments for have been spreaded mostly through forum, because I did not have the time or necessary money to properly invest in helpWHMCS. I am the only one in charge of integrations.


    A few reviews regarding helpWHMCS have been posted by users (I did not ask them to do this)

    - Positive (post 4) (post 6)
    and more..

    - Negative - none


    The domain name was registered at and can be transferred to the buyer very easy by making a free account on their site. All files will be archived and sent after payment has been made.
    Continuing the business Of course, there is need for someone with HTML / CSS experience to handle the integrations, otherwise there's no use in making it work.

    PS: For those who wish to purchase this business, I am free and available to continue working on the project (in exchange for payment)

    Software billing

    I'm using WHMCS Billing Software to administrate the business.

    Additional Revenue Details

    In the last few months there haven't been many orders for integration because I didn't fully dedicate my time to this project, but during the time in which I was focused on only helpWHMCS, there were about 4-5 orders per month after posting 2-3 different advertisments in topics on the forum.

    Some of orders, there have been for templates which I've sold through helpWHMCS. (If you check the profile, you will notice the created threads)

    Also, I used to sell on the same WHMCS Software ZNC Accounts.
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    Sent PM to you.
    Qtriangle - Website development and web hosting solutions
    The very best of PHP/MySQL development services
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    Business Sold.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BTL Solutions View Post
    Business Sold.
    Having problems, or maybe questions about WHT? Head over to the help desk!
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