I'm in the market for AU Reseller Hosting ... I will let the transcripts tell the story....

I'm just glad I still have my main clients on my overseas hosting which has had no issues in 8 years... I figured I would try some AUS hosting for locality and performance etc looking to move everything over... good thing I tested the waters... service is as important as performance.

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Anthony8:25:35 PM

Dear billy, thank you for contacting us! How may I help you?

billy8:28:29 PM
I have had trouble with the remote access to my Cpanel accounts from my reseller accounts. I have raised this issue last week and the apparent work around was to add my specific remote host ip to your firewall. This was fine for me but my clients who get their web site and want to access their database cannot do that as the underlying issue has not been resloved

Anthony8:29:34 PM
Whats your domain name, and which hostname are you using to connect

billy8:29:47 PM
Anthony8:30:43 PM
Please wait i am checking it for you
8:31:52 PM
which hostname are you usng to connect database ?
billy8:32:41 PM
\as above / IP Address tried both

Anthony8:34:00 PM
use hostname: xx.xxx.xx.xx
8:35:21 PM
and please try to connect and let us know the result

billy8:38:36 PM
I added my current IP xx.xxx.xxx.xx to remote host - connected using host ip address supplied and same deal - I even have the wildcard host % assigned .... so it should not matter

Anthony8:40:45 PM
I have just whitelist your ip xx.xxx.xxx.xx, now check and let us know
8:41:37 PM
did you try the ip i gave it to you? try using that ip xx.xx.xxx.xx any software of mysql connection, it will work as hsot.

billy8:42:01 PM
that worked but it has not solved the problem
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Anthony9:18:28 PM

Dear bob, thank you for contacting us! How may I help you?
bob9:18:50 PM
Hey Anthony
9:19:31 PM
this is billy... not sure why you ended our chat before... I can only assume something dropped out
9:20:09 PM
My last message to you was that Yes I could connect but that did not solve my problem

Anthony9:20:12 PM
then what is your actual problem?

bob9:20:29 PM
Are you for real...?

Anthony9:20:47 PM

bob9:21:12 PM
What part of a reseller creating hosting accounts that cant remotely access their own database do you not understand?
9:22:02 PM
My clients will not have access to your support not should they need to
9:22:54 PM
This is the fourth time I've been through the exact same thing with "support" in 2 weeks

Anthony9:23:07 PM
We do provide phpmyadmin to access database, third party software could have their issues.

bob9:24:47 PM
You do realise that advertising cPanel functionality that is not available is false advertising and puts you breach of not providing the service advertised and paid for

Anthony9:26:57 PM
cpanel functinality are builtin functionality, you are talking about third party software which is not builtin by default.
9:28:37 PM
if you have any particular software issue which is not directly builtin under cpanel then you need to contact the software provider

bob9:28:53 PM
the problem is not with the third party software - it is the access setting on your server which you yourself had to manually add me to a white list to provide.

9:29:19 PM
Can you please provide me with a Senior manager / head office contact number

Anthony9:33:00 PM
we are not stopping software to connect with our database, based on your information it was connected and all in a sudden it lost the connectivity and not connecting any more. it could be the software itself. We have mentioned we have not changed any settings at our end nor we received any complaint with other customers. database functionality at our end working fine.

bob9:34:50 PM
I have tried three different DB interface software on different machines using differernt ISPs ...The problem is not with the software ass they connect to any other hosting provider without problem...

Anthony9:35:43 PM
your client need to provide its static ip to white list their ips while using remote mysql , but we can not open it permanently for security issues

bob9:35:45 PM
I have stated this before that your white list is not recognising the account remote host settings

9:37:18 PM
So are you now telling me that you are not providing the advertised functionality...? The nature of
having a reseller account is to extend your services to my clients... are you now telling me that is not

Anthony9:38:51 PM
you need to provide us static ip to white list while using mysql remotely as we can not open it permanently for security reasons.

bob9:40:48 PM
How come I have never ever with any other hosting ever needed a static IP to get the remote database access and why was that NOT specified as a pre-requisite when I signed up..?

Anthony9:42:50 PM
its depends on their security, as per our server security it will be required to have a authentic ip to mysql database from third party software.

9:45:24 PM
we are not going to authorize unlimted amount of ips to get access to our data base. you need to have specific ips to get accesst to database.

bob9:46:24 PM
Great... but that didn't answer my question about why I was not informed of this. The only flaw in your statement is that when I set the account up I could access the database remotely from anywhere and somewhere around 2-3 weeks ago I could no longer ....and I'm still waiting for the the Head Office/ Manager contact number...

Anthony9:46:31 PM
we would have informed you if you would have informed us that you would be using third party software to connect our database.

9:46:53 PM
All the services provided by us are working absolutely fine. In fact data base servers are all up and running.

bob9:51:27 PM
If you need help figuring out how to set your server up to actually provide the service advertised there
are plenty of professional hosting providers you can ask how to do it because as you are intent to
persist and continue to patronise me you will leave me no option but to go to one of them as well as flood
every forum with my experience with Only1Host and in particular the impeccable customer service and transcripts provided by Anthony : ) I hope your resume is in order...

Anthony9:51:31 PM
I was informd by you that mysqlyog was connecting previously with the database and now it stopped working. i have informed you that we have not changed any settings nor we blocked your access. it must be software related.

bob9:52:36 PM
Thanks for wasting my time...

Anthony9:55:09 PM
You need to contact mysqlyog and tell them you are experiecing this issues with it as previously it was connected, might be due to upgrade of CSF frewall and mysqlyog they know about new changes at both ends.

and let us know about their response, as we did not change anything from server side, and mysqlyog was working fine.

9:55:25 PM
it will help to narrow down this issue

bob9:56:26 PM
It will also help if you provide me with Management contact details

Anthony9:57:42 PM
you are most welcome to raise the issue via email at [email protected]

bob9:59:36 PM
No I want a contact number - this is something that needs to be resolved inter-personally

10:01:57 PM
It wont be too hard to track down ZAIDI, SYED MUHAMMAD ABBAS

Anthony10:02:16 PM
We have no phone based support.

10:05:07 PM
Its better to have a feed back from mysqlyog as i said previously it is not directly provided by us there may be something they have changed which is causing this issue.

bob10:07:29 PM
I'm done discussing this with you .. I take it you have my number in my Account details... You can get someone to call me tomorrow ... anytime before 1PM

Anthony10:09:40 PM
we are resposibile for the software provided by us and application present under Cpanel.

10:12:04 PM
I have mentioned you that there is nothing wrong with our data base system so why do not you check with mysqlyog. Again, It was connected with our data base previoulsy and all of a sudden it stopped.

bob10:23:23 PM
As shell access is also disabled I have no option but to use a a DB Client as I cannot connect to MSQLvia console login to disprove your point about SQLYog being the source of the issue... So .... will I be getting a phone call tomorrow ?

Anthony10:24:36 PM
no hosting provider open the shell access indefinately

10:24:43 PM
its a security issue.

bob10:25:00 PM
Whatever ... will I be getting a call or not ?

Anthony10:25:16 PM
Most of the hosting providers make it disable unless you request them to enable it for a set period of time
10:25:57 PM
it is a security process.
bob10:26:16 PM
Great ... will I be getting a call or not ?

Anthony10:26:30 PM
that is why if you want indefinate access then you must have dedicated ip

10:27:03 PM
which makes your access more secure.

10:29:17 PM
i am sorry there is no phone based support.

bob10:29:41 PM
OK ... you obviously have no intention of providing me with contact information and you are totally avoiding confirming that I will or will not be contacted by phone... You've now wasted about 2 hours of my time so I will be looking for a new hosting service and every hosting forum I can find...

Anthony10:31:50 PM
the point is, our service has not stopped its your third party software which is causing the issue. this is what i have tried to explain your for 2 hours.

bob10:35:13 PM
and i've told you for the last 2 hours that every DB client software I have tried has the same result regardless of computer, ISP, or IP . The current site xxxxxx***********.au is a fully functioning online business of my client and if it is affected in anyway before I move to my new hosting you will be hearing from my lawyers... just so we understand each other.
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