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    Arrow Need Help Choosing Budget VPS For Torrenting [Please Suggest]

    Hello guys, hanged around WHT for quite a bit of time & finally signed up today.

    I need your suggestions on buying a VPS.
    As the title said I need a budget VPS for mainly uploading & torrenting.

    I've been using RDP for long but decided to try out VPS now.


    * 50 GB SPACE
    * 512 MB / 1GB Dedicated RAM (No Burstable RAM Reqd.)
    * Unmetered Bandwidth
    * No extra IP Reqd.
    * Location Preference: Netherlands / Germany

    I wont host any website on the VPS.
    Unmanaged VPS - Provider just need to install OS.

    I've never used any Linux OS before, Windows is preferred. Can try Linux if that exceeds my budget around $10.

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    You may want to check out -- if your budget is $10/month for a Windows box it may simply to tough to find especially in the Netherlands where you will most likely pay a higher price.

    What type of uplink port did you require? 10Mbps? I see that you mentioned unmetered so just trying to see how much bandwidth you're expecting to use.

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    Thanks for your suggestion. I'll check out
    Will I get it cheaper if I select other locations ?
    Actually NL is best when it comes to uploading & seeding that is why I've preferred it.

    I'm paying $9 currently for my NL RDP with 1Gbit unmetered uplink.

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    VPS in NL is not that expensive as it was before. Check the offer section here on the forum and lowendbox too, you will find plenty of good offers.|Virtual Private Servers|Dedicated Servers|
    Managed Hosting Solution|24/7/365 Support
    Datacentar and servers location: Holland, Europe

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