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    Angry Hosteasier review

    I followed an expat recommendation to switch hosting to hosteasier when my original isp decided to stop his hosting business.

    Hosteasier aka were great at first. Support was poor after that. Then the shared server I was on got overloaded, and page responses went up to 30 seconds and more. Put a big dent in my business which is small anyway. I asked support for help with this, and a week later got a notice the ticket was closed.

    I gave up and moved hosting to a company with great support and an actual phone number! Now I've asked to cancel my account and they are giving me the total runaround. The have delay so I had another months fee charge to my account. They are still not responsive. If they had a phone number they would get an earful from me! If they don't cancel my account soon, all my UK friends will hear about this, and I will be posting on other forums. - Robin -

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    Kindly report your domain to mod

    sorry to know that

    I hope you will find your right host
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    hosteasier review

    My domain is . I've been pretty stupid fighting this issue for a month. I finally just cancelled the funding source, and I got instant response to my cancellation request.

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    Hosteasier - scam - fraud - criminals!

    We run several domains.
    We stuck out with the absolute highest level of stupidity, arrogance and certainly "incompetence" with Hosteasier, for far too long.

    Open a ticket, one of their dyslexic, illiterate "SUPPORT" staff would ask back (cause they wouldn't understand the difference between black and white, we would explain again, then another of their idiots would jump in and ask again, we would patiently explain again, then another of their dumb-88888 would ask, and so it would go on and on and on.

    Lately, they needed to replace a DISC, took them several DAYS, our sites? Down, with a nice and friendly, very professional SORRY.

    Folks, we could go on and on, and you would fall off your chairs.

    Seriously. WE CAN ONLY WARN YOU.

    Now we asked our money back, since we told we will no longer host with them, What do they do?

    Quickly and well in advance they would deduct another year hosting from our credit card.

    Well, at least they know ONE thing what to do.

    Lie, cheat, defraud.

    Want to read the full story? Watch out for our upcoming " on a detailed SCAM report on Hosteasier. the world's leading totally sucking hosting company. What a bunch of jerks running this fraudulent scamming circus.

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