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    In July of this year, I was looking for a new budget vps host. I had my sights on a provider offering Switzerland as a location. With Softronics offering specs in my price range, and being a Swiss company themselves, I signed up for a six month contract with them on July 17th.

    After being given my login details, I installed my VPS using their default Debian 7.0 Wheezy image. Here's a summarised timeline of my two months with Softronics. Note that when I mention timeouts, I mean that both my home connection and my other VPS located in another country fail to connect to it. Additionally, their control panel showed the message "Server is running, but not reachable".

    • After my first apt-get update (which included a kernel update), my machine wouldn't boot any more. Unfortunately Softronics does not offer a recovery console, but I assume something wasn't configured correctly in their base template. Since that was the first command I had run, I simply reinstalled my VPS, shot support an email, and didn't run the updates on my new installation.

    • Started configuring my machine on the 18th, but my ssh sessions kept timing out when I was transferring db data between my old vps and this new one. Both my old vps and my home connection couldn't ping anymore to the new VPS for minutes at a time. I finally gave up and wrote to support on the 18th of July. Their only response was that 'they noticed the cpu load going up a bit occasionally, is the machine still unresponsive sometimes?'. I responsed that this was the case.

    • Because I failed to configure the machine, I was forced to renew my contract with my old host, as I was going on holidays on the 19th. When I returned on the 19th, I still had no solution and my problems continued to happen. I wrote them a detailed email describing the problem in full.

    • Softronics suggested to run a filecheck on my VPS and move it to another host which they did on the next day. This didn't solve my problem.

    • On the 21th, I again had timeouts to my VPS from both my home connection and my old VPS. I informed support of this and again delayed migrating my data. Support responded that they will 'monitor' the network to my VPS.

    • On the 27th and 29th I still have no solution and inform Softronics that the problem persists and that I am not happy with their services so far. I suggest that maybe I should look for another host.

    • On Friday the 30th, the support guy mentions that he was away on holidays for a few days. They inform me that they'll fix the menu.lst (grub) issue that prevented successful package updating. Also they acknowledge the lost connections problem, and mention they'll make a new Debian 7.1 image.

    • I am done with Softronics by now and inform them that after 6 weeks of not being able to use my VPS due to two/three different issues, I've made up my mind and will go to a competitor. I ask support to forward my email to the sales division so that I can cancel my account and request a refund.

    • Softronics replies that "they have made a new debian 7.1 image which now runs fine. So it looks like the issue was with the debian 7.0 image we used".

    So far my Softronics story from a technical point of view. Support promised to negotiate my request for a refund with the sales division. During a two week period I ask them twice if they have a status on that request. Finally, on the 12th of September, I receive "I have discussed the issue with our sales and accounts. the Problem with the loss of connections was an issue of Debian 7.0 and XEN and has been resolved in Debian 7.1". Strange that a problem with what has to be a popular template leads to issues that seem network infrastructure related to me, but hey I'm not an expert.

    In conclusion:
    If you're looking for a host where you'll spend your time as a proxy-employee trying to debug problems with their infrastruture, then softronics is your company. I personally just wanted to get my work done, and went with the Zurich location that offers instead, had everything up & running in two hours and never looked back.

    Current status:
    I decided to write another email pleading my case, hoping that their sales division would be more interested in client satisfaction. I figured a refund was only fair considering the level of issues I had, and the fact that my vps is essentially an unused product due to the technical issues described. Unfortunately seems to prefer short-term money making. My email goes unanswered.

    I figured I'd try to let something positive come out of this mess, and have installed their Gentoo image on my VPS to run a [email protected] client. I have been monitoring the network uptime for a week now, and the connection flatlines several times a day. Must be an issue with the Debian image.
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    Oh, allow me to pile on. I went through almost the EXACT same experience. I told them I wanted to drop service and expected a refund - and I was completely ignored.

    So I took the matter up with Paypal and filed a claim. They did something REALLY stupid then: They also ignored Paypal. Needless to say, Paypal refunded me my money.

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