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    Template or theme for a sports site

    we are a team which races mountain bikes and we are looking to get a website up where we would blog and post updates and videos from the events we take part in and some other stuff.

    What would be appropriate for us to use? I guess WordPress is the way to go, as it is easy to install and customize.

    Anyone seen any interesting themes to recommend?
    Where it is easy to link youtube videos and not to look like your average wordpress blog?

    Thanks in advance.

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    It is difficult to recommend a theme or a site, because this is entirely a matter of personal preference.
    However for a sports blog, most i have seen look alike quite a lot.
    Go ahead and check codecanyon or themeforest. There are a few good ones out there.
    Also there have improved their search engine and now you can narrow down your search with a lot of selectable options.

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    Well there are a lot of service providers who offer DIY website builders with good components and also offer hosting along with it. Wix offers free website building tool but its on flash and flash is not recommended.
    It just depends upon what you are after and your budget and pick the right one.
    Affordable, Efficient and Fast...

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    Well, we don't really have a budget for the site, we have bought a domain and we are looking for hosting. But we intend to do the site ourselves and with help of friends.
    This is why we decided upon Wordpress, as it is easy to manage and customize.

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    I have installed Parabola and I love it.
    Unfortunately i haven't customized it yet or have not made any decent posts, even though i have prepared a few videos and texts.

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    Try Gameday Wordpress theme by themeforest!

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    If you are on a budget then a theme is the way to go, just keep in mind that another 1,00000 people may have the same theme as you so it wont be unique to your business.

    If you have a budget then get a professional designer to build you and awesome website, unique to your guys and custom coded using the features you require.
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    We don't really care, because we don't expect a lot of visitors.
    We are happy with a free theme.
    This project is for fun. We will be posting videos and pictures and publications about races we take part in, events and etc.

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    Try themeforest, there are plenty of cool templates at an affordable price:

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    Theme suggestion

    Interesting to learn about your stuff, honestly am trying to participate with such events and join some local friends who are already into it, my laziness pulls me way behind..

    Coming back, you may consider a website theme which has a focus on nice photo gallery, can hold 75% of home page layout with images. People would get attracted on the locations you captured and would really love to learn more, by then your blog and video sections come into play.

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