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    DNS Management


    Can somebody recommend decent DNS management software (prefer open-source) to have the ability do the DNS clusters, running vps, shared hosting and dedicated servers networks including the RDNS?

    Thank you.

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    if you use any hosting control panel, DNS management is include in that, for open source, you can use webmin/virtualmin control panel.

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    We use a lot of services:
    1. Shared hosting
    2. Reseller hosting
    3. VPS Hosting
    4. Cloud service
    5. Dedicated servers

    so having so many services, we need to use different solutions for DNS management.

    Like for example we have developed our own dns service for the cloud hosting, but this can be used for cloud hosting only, etc.

    So generally, having one solution for all of the services, will ease many of the things and would be able to control and clusterize different solutions with the different settings, but could not find the solution which allows doing this. Any suggestions?

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    You just need a custom made DNS service, as i know there is no DNS management system to cover all your needs.

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    PowerDNS + mysql backend let's you easily integrate with other tools/services/scripts
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    I believe you are using different control panels for different services. In that case, you will need to go for custom solution (develop your own DNS management interface) and integrate them in your control panels. Though it would not be easy to integrate them in all control panels.

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