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    What Specs & Which Hosts?


    I'm confusing now. I want to host a site which is a file hosting site.

    When there are many concurrent downloads at the same time OR many visitors on the same time in my site, which resources are using a lot (CPU, RAM, Bandwidth)?

    I'm asking this because I want to use a dedicated server specs that is suitable for my project.

    I found 2 budget unmanaged providers and already searched here; they seem legit but just to be more sure of them.

    DataShack.Net & WholeSaleInternet.Net

    P.S: I will use it for my production site not development. Does they're reliable for the production site (Support, Speed, and Uptime)?

    Thanks for your input!


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    bandwidth and I/O are the most critical.
    file server does not require much CPU and RAM.
    Also, you need a DC that does not have much packet lost(not necessarily good latency) because packet lost sometimes crack a big file transfer.
    Linux is better
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    Like Serverhk said, I/O and network would be your primary concern. To be able to handle a lot of simultaneous uploads and downloads, you should get a dedicated server with more number of drives in raid-10 (6-8) would be ideal.

    As far as network is concerned, you need cheap bandwidth. As you grow, your bandwidth usage will become the major part of expense.

    As far as hosting is concerned, I recommend you to check Core-backbone in DE or FDCservers in USA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prashanth[HC] View Post
    As far as hosting is concerned, I recommend you to check Core-backbone in DE or FDCservers in USA.
    Do you have a server with them?
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