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    Helping to unblock the IPs from AOL and other email providers

    Hello WHTers,

    I am not sure is this the right section to post (I guess this is the closest section what I have found, if I am wrong, please put this thread to the right one, thanks).

    We run dedicated servers network.

    Having on board email marketing clients, we can't avoid being blocked by AOL, Gmail and other email providers.

    The general problem is that we provide them dedicated servers with IP addresses and we do not see how they send their email campaigns and after they request some more IP addresses by returning the old IPs that are already blacklisted by email providers.

    Basically, we have done some development to check which of our IPs are blocked and it appears that about most of the returned IP addresses are already refused by most of email providers which is really bad thing, since we are not able to provide these IPs to any of our new or existing clients.

    Basically, we search for the company who would be able to advise us how we can prevent of being blacklisted and monitor our email marketing clients. Secondly, to help remove IPs from email providers blacklists.


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    I would suggest using a service such as MxToolbox which provide a service that allows you to check server IP addresses against blacklisting databases from the likes of Spamhaus, Barracuda and so on. Whilst there are ways to create your own system to do this for free, Mxtoolbox make it easy with a nice interface, etc.
    They also claim to offer 'free de-listing support', I have not tried this so cannot vouch for what this involves.

    You should also make sure that you're using SPF/DKIM records, as well as PTR records. Having said all this, if the emails being sent out are SPAM/Unsolicited, none of the above will help.

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    Thanks George, it is interesting, but I wonder, will they be able to support of delisting pretty large amounts of /24s?

    I will give a shot in any case, but I think, that it should be some type of consulting company, that works directly with the email providers to keep the network clean rather than some technical solutions...

    You see, the thing is that the email marketing guys do everything properly with spf/dkim and rdns...The main problem is that they send in huge amounts and I guess that causes the problem (correct me if I am wrong).

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    To avoid such issue, you have to follow the bulk email guideline of the providers otherwise your IP address will be blocked by them. You can delist the IP addresses by contacting AOl or other ISP but if your IP addresses are blacklisted by them, they will be added to permanent block.

    Since you are offering the services to your clients, you will never know how your clients send emails whether they meet bulk email guideline, OPT-IN list etc.

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    You say "provide them dedicated servers with IP addresses", Do you check to see if those IP's are on any blacklists before you provide them?
    Then you say; "they request some more IP addresses by returning the old IPs that are already blacklisted by email providers". So if they are originally clean, and then the customers request to swap out IP's its because they are spamming. You should not be giving them any new IP's if they can not keep the IP's that they already have clean.
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    Yes the IPs were clean, before we gave them to any of the clients, but the problem was, that it was problematic clients and we had no prevention against it.

    But, we have solved the problem by installing mailchannels to our network for outbound smtp traffic filtering.

    We still have the problem with AOL and Cloudmark with the old IP space. 4 months past and we still are waiting for their reply...

    Who can help us to delist them?

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    As to "problematic clients", outside of what you have done, one would think that violating the terms of service would be enough to terminate any agreement, as long as you have actual proof of them sending spam. One needs to be careful because emails can be spoofed, and some many who complain about spam use spam buttons more like dislike buttons, where the email is not actually spam.

    As to AOL, 4 months seems like quite a long time to me. I would re-initiate the process. Hopefully you have some logs from blocked messages that you can get the reject codes from in order to supply
    it to AOL. Go to AOL Postmaster Support Here, see the drop down box at the bottom of the page. The AOL process is generally; get the block removed, set up a feedback loop, then apply for whitelisting. As to Cloudmark, I don't have any experience with them, nor any apparent issues.
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