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    Plesk Backup sucks!!


    I recently switched to Plesk panel and I'm happy with every aspect with it, except for backup!!

    I've setup scheduled backup and it always says (Failed, remove) although I can find it in the server repository but have no idea if it's ok or not..

    also I selected not to compress backup from the settings but it still does compress them!!

    isn't there an incremental backup like cpanel??? my backup is huge and I don't want to have a full copy every day, it eats up all my resources!!


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    rsync if you are on Linux
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    ok I knew what's going on.. when selecting not to compress backup it doesn't compress it, but still stores it in a single '.tar' file..

    this is bad! because I use rsync to automatically copy backup contents to other servers.. and storing backup in one tar file will make it copy the file every time not only changed files! this will kill my server's resources!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10bus View Post
    rsync if you are on Linux
    This is not a solution.. cause restoring the domains is a pain in the act! there are databases and email accounts and mailing lists ...... etc.

    I need plesk backup to make restoring these settings easy..

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    It's broke right now. They broke it when they released the latest stable version.
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