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Thread: php upload!!!

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    php upload!!!


    This is driving me crazy!!

    I have this stupid website hosted on a cpanel server.. php upload is working fine.. I need to move it to another server, I tried moving it to 5 servers already and php image upload says that I did not select a file to upload!!

    I'm moving the site using cpmove backup and even moved it manually using rsync.. I recompiled easy apache and installed very same versions of php/apache/MySQL in vain!! I even installed an old centos version like the one installed on the first server and nothing is working !!!

    any help??????????????????


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    Is it a WordPress site ?

    Are trying to upload via any control panel (wp-admin panel/ cpanel) ?

    Do you have a custom php.ini file in home directory ?

    Any other error messages ?

    If its ok, please provide a screen shot of the error shown. - the name says it all!
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