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    Best way to create a member info/directory page

    What's a good way to list my leagues teams and their information (phone, website link, etc.) in a directory type list on my Wix site? It's a Flash site not HTML5 but I can add HTML code to its pages.

    In my perfect world, I would just have coaches fill out a form (like Wufoo) on one page and have it auto-fill the fields in the directory page.


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    I know this is slightly off topic, but why use Wix? You'd be able to do what you want to do easily if you just got a hosting account, an installation of wordpress (free), and then an inexpensive premium wordpress theme. Allows for a lot more flexibility for lesser costs (compared to wix over time). WP is so user-friendly these days, it doesn't require much of a skill set.

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    No reason. We paid a guy to design this site for us and he used Wix. Afterwards, we lost contact w/him. So, I've learned to do pretty much everything on Wix. The last 2 things on my checklist are what I posted about and adding a countdown clock to use for our upcoming events.

    I'm not opposed to changing (especially if it makes things easier). As a matter of fact, I realize that I'd have to make some changes pretty soon anyway in order to convert the site over from Flash to HTML5 (which I have no idea how to tackle lol).

    I'll look into WP.

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    Seriously worth the effort of taking your current design and getting someone to turn it into a WP template/theme. Then, from there, you can go on and do all of the things with your site that you are struggling with now.

    We recently went thru a similar sort of effort for a site that was built on another platform (weebly) and migrated it to a WP child theme of twentyeleven and have not looked back.
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    I've started looking into WP and am inching in that direction but my big reservation is that our site currently looks outstanding and I'm not willing to downgrade. Maybe WP can look as good or better. I just haven't gotten that far into the tutorials I'm watching yet. lol

    Here's our site:

    Can I get this look with WP?

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    Maybe use a directory script like phpLD which allows you to add business listings etc. Demo:

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