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    * home server help needed

    hello guys.

    i need a bit help setting up a personal home server for games and teamspeak.

    i have everything for hardware. but the main problem is i am using a dedicated bandwidth service from my isp and bandwidth amount is 4Mbit/s with all other ports blocked

    my ISP is connected to BDIX which has routing to all other local ISP. but the problem is all my ports are blocked and they wont open them. and i am not sure either i have a dynamic ip or static ip because my pc ip settings are:

    google routing /

    but when i see my ip at whatsmyip it shows 103.xx.xx.44 but haven't changed ever.

    is it possible to host a low ping local game server/teamspeak server with this kind of problem ?

    i have tried free service but no luck with that.

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    This is not possible unless you can in someway convince your isp to open ports, you might need to upgrade to a business class service to do this.

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    Ask your ISP if you can get the business plan of bandwidth this will throw more power to your hands over your network and it's connectivity, many times when someone try's to host a server off their home line their upstream ISP provider will tend to limit the amount of outgoing and incoming traffic due to many reasons it could also cost you an arm and leg these days trying to run a server from your home connection.

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    I'm going to assume you are paying around $20 for 4mbs, but it sounds like a residential connection where they want more income than outgoing. So double or tripled your current price which will probably be a business plan and you'll get those ports open.

    The reason ISP do that is to stop abuse and to help provide a stable network to many consumers at a reasonable lowest price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fahim5001 View Post
    and i am not sure either i have a dynamic ip or static ip because my pc ip settings are:

    google routing /

    but when i see my ip at whatsmyip it shows 103.xx.xx.44 but haven't changed ever.
    There's no way to know from that information whether they're providing you with a static or dynamic IP. It sounds like your home router is providing you with 118.17x. DHCP IPs - you should be able to change that by visiting your "gateway" IP address in your web browser (assuming you have a router that allows this), but that will not change your public-facing IP. You would need to ask your ISP whether you have a static or dynamic IP. Some ISPs do not provide static IPs, some will require you to be on a business plan to have static IPs, and some will simply charge you an extra fee for the static IP.

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    Yeh, the bottom line here is you need to speak to your ISP. A lot of cheaper ISP's will lock down their residential / home services, since things like home server applications take up so much bandwidth.

    You would need to check your router and also ask the support of yoru ISP if your IP is dynamic or static.

    Does your ISP have a forum on their website? perhaps you could try and communicate with other users of their service to see what they did in your situation.

    If all else fails, switch ISP or upgrade to business.

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