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    Does cPanel support a NAT setup ?

    Hi guys.

    I have a Cloud VPS hosting based virtual Isolated Network defined. Inside that network, I have a VM, which is connected to a virtual router. The VM communicates with the outside world through the router, and the VM itself doesn't have a public IP. It only has the internal IP, which the router has assigned it.

    This picture shows my Isolated Network layout:

    Question is, does cPanel support running on a machine which is inside a NAT network ? Or does it require the the machine running cPanel DIRECTLY have a public IP, without having to go through a router ?

    I ask this because cPanel support people said that cPanel doesn't work properly from inside a NAT network. It can create issues later on, and the cPanel support doesn't officially support this.

    Does anyone have any experience on this ?

    Of course I can give the VM direct internet access, but an Isolated Network has its own advantages, such as firewall on the router, proper port forwarding, load balancing, etc ..

    So looking for some advice here.

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    The newest cPanel (11.40) which is currently in development supports 1:1 NAT:

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