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    How to understand the backend of webhosting?


    I would like to learn and understand the backend of webhosting. Basically when I log into my web hosting server and view File Manager from the cPanel I see alot of folder and files. I've been hosting a few websites over the course of several years and some of those websites are no longer active.

    1. How do I know which folders to delete?

    2. The root folder has alot of folder, are they important to have them all?

    3. I would like to clean up my web server, what is the best way to do this? Hire a professional or is this something I can learn and do myself?

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    There's a difference between understanding the backend of webhosting (something much deeper than you asked) and understanding the backend of managing your website (basically, what you asked here)

    Regarding your questions, before you delete anything, ensure that you have a backup, and a backup of said backup, just to be on the safe side. You want to be able to restore from these if you need to do so. Since you're using cPanel's fie manager , you'll want to go into file manager -> your home directory. Select public_html, and at the top click on 'compress' . Choose that and go from there. Wait until successful completion before you do anything else

    Once your backup has been completed, you will then be able to (safely) remove the files and folders you do not need. What files and folders are those? THAT is going to be completely unique. usually , you can get rid of the _vti_* folders though, since they are pretty much irrelevant. Anything else is going to depend on your own website. Consult with your developers beforehand.

    The best way to do anything like this is to, of course, talk to your developer, or a professional, someone that knows what they're doing. If you don't, then you never know what problems you'll end up going through, just saying.
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    If you're new to the management side, take comfort in that it will take time before everything starts becoming more understandable but it will come.

    You'll need experience before you'll become familiar with everything and usually one or two accidents.

    As twhiting9275 said, backup everything first and confirm those backups are working.

    Then you can begin to remove things.

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