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    * #1 Web hosting templates for WHMCS & Wordpress | New responsive template!

    We've just launched our first responsive WHMCS template for web hosting companies. We feel this template is the best template available as we've integrated many features we originally built for (responsive, CSS mega menu, highly optimised cart & more!) - > > Learn more & view demo < <

    Web hosting templates - We provide a complete solution for your web hosting business!

    Looking for a complete WHMCS template or Wordpress theme for your hosting/domain registration business? You've found the right thread! All of our templates include everything you need and best of all are being constantly updated to keep up with the ever-evolving web hosting industry. We provide templates in multiple formats with a whole range of features along with our highly regarded level of support.

    Our templates are also fully customisable with HTML and/or CSS experience allowing you to modify them for any type of business!


    We provide two different formats. They are:

    - Wordpress based themes with optional WHMCS synchronisation - Allows you to build a highly customised website without any coding experience thanks to the power of Wordpress.
    - WHMCS based - The quickest way to get your business up and running. Simply install the template and add your plans via Wizard Panel and you're all set.

    You can compare the features of the two formats below:

    Premium web hosting templates comparison


    Premium Wordpress themes

    Our web hosting Wordpress themes alloy you to build your web hosting website using the tools provided by Wordpress thus not requiring any code editing. The best thing about our themes is we provide a optional matching WHMCS tmeplate that automatically syncs with Wordpress (menus, widgets, Wizard Panel, pages, colors/style etc) so you can stop worring about your WHMCS integration and focus on your main website knowing that WHMCS will always be integrated professionally.

    Eco Net

    Price: $149.00 - optional $30/year for access to all future versions

    View Demo | Order Now

    This is just one of our premium Wordpress themes. You can view all of our themes below:

    Wordpress web hosting themes

    Key features:

    - Settings Area | View Demo - upload your logo/slides, tweak the homepage feature boxes, change settings & much more from inside your Wordpress admin panel

    - Matching WHMCS template that syncs with Wordpress* | Video Demo - A WHMCS template that matches your Wordpress theme and automatically syncs with changes you make to the menu, widgets, Wizard Panel etc

    - Shortcode generator | Video Demo - Instantly generate easy to edit shortcode for pricing tables (1-6 columns), feature boxes (3, 6), buttons and grid layouts

    - Most Wordpress functionality supported - Create/edit/delete unlimited pages & posts, edit the multi level dropdown menu, add/edit/remove widgets in the sidebar and footer all from inside your Wordpress admin panel without needing to touch any code

    - Fully customizable[B] - Create unlimited pages, generate unlimited tables/boxes for any type of product/service you have. Change the designs/colors via the CSS files/images (PSD files for the logo and banners included)


    Premium WHMCS templates

    Our WHMCS templates are the quickest way to get your business up and running as they include ready-made content that is suitable for your business. Thanks to our exclusive settings area (Wizard Panel) you don't need any HTML experience to apply your plans to the pages. The templates come with 6 default hosting pages that allow you can switch between 2 layout options (feature boxes & pricing tables) and set 1-6 plans intently. These pages can also be re-named following our tutorial so you can use them to display any type of product/service.

    Orbit - NEW!

    This new WHMCS template is fully responsive and features a CSS mega menu, custom cart templates, RTL support, plan highlighting, custom pages & much more!

    Price: $149.99 - optional $30/year for access to all future versions

    View Demo | Order Now

    This is just one of our many high quality WHMCS templates. We have over 19 templates available starting at just $79.99. You can view all of our templates below:

    WHMCS themes

    Key features:

    - Responsive (mobile support)* | Video Demo - Your template is fully responsive on all pages meaning it automatically scales and re-sizes to fit the device of your visitors. It will support most devices from large desktops all the way down to small smartphones such as the iPhone, Blackberry etc.

    - Mega menu* | Video Demo - We've integrated a full-feature mega menu which has bold links with descriptions, images and the ability to define a link as new. This mega menu really is a premium navigation solution for your website as it will respond to fit the size of the device viewing your website.

    - Custom cart template* | View Demo - The cart we've included has been built from scratch and is extremely good for increasing your conversation rates. Features include the removal of distracting content/links on the cart page, the addition of a steps bar which shows users their progress during checkout and the ability to checkout on any device thanks to the responsive design.

    - Dynamic shopping bag* | Video Demo - We've also added a cart contents section which shows the amount of items in the cart. If your visitor has more than 1 item in the cart this section which is displayed on the cart.php pages by default will then be displayed on all pages of your website further increasing your conversion rate.

    - RTL (Right To Left) language support* | View Demo - We have put a lot of focus on making the template support RTL languages. We've intergated a solution which allows you to define any language as RTL. When these languages are selected the template will automatically adjust to RTL and vice versa when a LTR language is selected it'll automatically revert back. This ensures seamless multi-language support.

    - Plan highlighting* | View Demo - On the homepage feature boxes and all 6 hosting pages you can set whichever plan you like to be featured. When a plan is selected as featured the background color is changed and a "Popular" ribbon graphic is applied. This feature allows you to make your most popular plan stand out making it easy for visitors to see which plan you recommend.

    - Custom pages* | View Demo - We've built custom affiliate, why choose us & testimonial pages. The affiliate page features a why join, how to join and commission table sections.

    - Settings Area | View Demo - Add/edit your plans, change display settings, hide pages/feature from inside your WHMCS admin panel

    - 6 ready-made hosting pages - these pages are fully editable via our template control panel & can be changed to any type of web hosting (tutorial provided)

    - Support for 1-6 plans | Video Demo - each hosting page supports 1-6 plans which can be changed instantly from the settings area

    - Multi-display options | Video Demo - instantly switch between a boxes or table layout for the hosting pages

    - Multi-language support | Video Demo - each template is setup to support multiple languages (in the same way default templates are)

    - SEO focused | Video Demo - We've spent a lot of time ensuring our templates are SEO friendly including the ability to define custom page titles, meta descriptions & meta tags

    - Fully customizable | Video Demo - all of the HTML/CSS is fully editable and well structured for easy editing and you can create unlimited pages (detailed guide included)

    - Ready-made HTML snippets | Video Demo - build your own custom hosting pages easily with our ready-made HTML snippets

    * Orbit template only - we recommend checking the information pages of each template you like to compare specific features

    Why Zomex?

    1) We're passionate - We have a great passion for the web hosting industry and making the best templates for your business.
    2) We provide support based on our experience in the web hosting industry.
    3) We listen to your feedback
    4) We have a proven track record in providing WHMCS based services/products.
    5) Our templates are constantly updated to keep up with the ever-evolving hosting industry.

    Lots of happy customers

    Zomex Reviews Review

    Zomex Review

    Zomex Review

    Zomex Review

    WHMCS Integration Review

    More Zomex testimonials

    Looking for help with WHMCS?

    No problem! We also provide and have been providing WHMCS installation, WHMCS configuration & WHMCS integration services for over 2 years with much high regard for the quality of service.

    If you'd like to discuss a custom service please contact us today with more details, we'd love to hear from you.

    Lots more premium products/services from Zomex

    Code & Scripts - Our exclusive menus, feature boxes & more originally built for but now made available to all.

    Email Templates - Easy to install HTML email templates for WHMCS, AWeber & MailChimp.

    Custom banner design - We've designed over 50 custom banners for web hosting companies and over online businesses.

    Custom logo design - A custom logo design service. All logos are designed from scratch and come in both vector and raster format.

    Custom mascot design - Premium mascot design service for any type of business. All mascots are hand sketched and come in vector format allowing them to be used for any type of advertising/media whether it's on your website or a 5 meter bill-board.

    We Look Forward To Hearing From You

    If you have any questions at all feel free to reply to this thread or contact our

    sales department at sales (at) zomex com
    or contact me personally at jack (at) zomex com

    Thank you for showing interest in our services and have a great day!

    Warm Regards
    Jack Curtis - CEO
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    #1 Responsive whmcs templates | WHMCS | Wordpress | HTML5 | Settings area
    █ Hire us for responsive whmcs integration - enhance your website using the new "Six" template!

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