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    WorldStream Review - Recommended!

    Hello! I have decided to write a small review of WorldStream, they are offering dedicated servers and colocation.

    I have one of their "Premium dedicated" with the following specs;
    - Intel Xeon E3-1270 3.50Ghz
    - 8GB ECC RAM
    - 120GB SSD
    - 1000Mbit Uplink

    My first order with them was early 2012 but I remember leaving because of support. But I decided to give them another try
    and ordered the server mentioned over. Before I ordered they gave me instant help over live chat and just after 10 minutes
    they delivered my server!

    After I got my server there was a licence error but support solved this in just a few minutes. Also when I needed to move
    due date some days forward they did this with no conditions.

    I have not experienced any downtime and the speed is amazing. When ordering a server with them you can add 10 euro and get
    1000 Mbit instead of 100 Mbit.

    Now after 1 month I have nothing bad to say, I highly recommend doing business with WorldStream and 2 of my friends have already
    moved over to them! I personally wil be upgrading my server within the next days.

    WorldStream is one of the best companies I have been with over the years. They have affordable prices, good hardware and
    a very stable network.

    They also have a nice customer panel, this seems to be something they have made and it is nice to finally see something
    different then WHCMCS!

    I will give them 9/10, highly recommended!

    Sorry for my bad english and if you need proof please PM me.

    - Read my review of Voxility and their 500 Gbps Protection here -

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    Thank you very much for your positive review! We really appreciate it!


    WorldStream B.V. |
    Office: (+31)(0)174 - 712 117
    P.O. Box 223, 2670 AE Naaldwijk, The Netherlands
    Like us on Facebook

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