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    What are you most looking forward to in cPanel 11.40?

    In the recent cPanel 11.40 webinar, they mentioned it as being one of the biggest cPanel releases.

    Most notable features include:

    • IPv6
    • 1:1 NAT
    • API Shell
    • Website Editor
    • Security Advisor
    • Extensible Account Plans
    • Session Generator

    I personally think the security advisor is a nice little addition. Whilst it's very basic at the moment, I'm sure it will expand.

    What about you guys?

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    .. same thing I have been waiting for since 11.0! - Full IPV4/IPV6 dual stack support for everything.
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    IPv6 - That simple
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    Finally, IPV6 :-) but others are also interesting...
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    IPv6 is itself a great addition, we had alots of IPv6 lol finally time to use them up

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    1:1 NAT also interesting Half Dedicated Half Price
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    Definitely the IPv6, interested in the apparent general speed improvements too!

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    IPv6. It is long overdue.
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    The IPv6 support in 11.40 is pretty basic. I wouldn't trust the stability of it until 11.42 or later either. Any project this big is going to have problems that are only uncovered after some testing from customers.

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    IPv6 and Security Advisor is very good news but inicial support of IPv6 for 3 or 4 years of work is poor...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ethernet Servers View Post
    • Website Editor
    Oh man, we're super excited about this! All our customers are constantly asking for a better Website Editor. Practically every support ticket complains about the crappy Website Editor in the cpanel, so it will be really nice to have this new improved one. It can't come soon enough!

    Seriously though, I have to shake my head and wonder who at cpanel is responsible for prioritizing new features and improvements. There are so many little things that need fixing/tweaking or adding, yet they decided that replacing the Website Editor is a major new feature?

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    I am looking forward to the new theme they were supposed to release - x4
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