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    Raid 1 or 5 for Colocation server with 5 wordpress sites, 1 CRM and 1 mail server?

    I want to build colocation server with :

    - 5 Wordpress sites with 50 view at a time (5*50 = 250)
    - 1 CRM ASP.NET site with 50 view at a time
    - 1 mailserver Kerio connect or MDaemon wiht 120 user

    *My model :

    - Server A - ESXi 5.1 - DELL™ PowerEdge™ R210-II with 16G RAM

    Mysql1 on CentOS 6.4
    SQL1 on Win2k8
    IIS1 on Win2k8
    Apache1 on CentOS 6.4
    MDaemon1 on Win2k8

    - Server B - ESXi 5.1 - DELL™ PowerEdge™ R210-II with 16G RAM

    Mysql2 on CentOS 6.4 (cluster Mysql1)
    SQL2 on Win2k8 (cluster SQL1)
    IIS2 on Win2k8 (cluster IIS1)
    Apache2 on CentOS 6.4 (cluster Apache1)
    MDaemon2 on Win2k8 (backup for Mdaemon1)

    Please advise me should use :

    - 2 HDD SAS 15k with Raid 1 or
    - 3 HDD SATA 10k with Raid 5 or
    - Other?

    Thanks so much

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    I'd suggest going with a RAID 1 SSD setup rather than RAID 1 with SAS drives or Raid 5 with Sata drives if storage space is not an issue. You'll see significantly improved I/O performance with the SSDs. Make sure whichever RAID controller you purchase is compatible with ESXi as well. Dell software based RAID controllers such as the S100 and S300 are not supported.

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    RAID5 works great for reads but is often slow on writes. So it really depends on your usage. I suspect from the sites you host, you will see a lot more reads than writes, so RAID5 will probably work great for you. Just be sure to keep an eye on the RAID status to be proactive on replacing a failed drive.

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    Simple rule, don't touch RAID-5 even with someone else's barge pole

    Mail servers have lots of small reads and writes, RAID-5 will not like this if it gets busy.
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    RAID 10 would be even better than RAID 1 if you can swing the extra drives. I agree with the others about RAID 5 - it's only good for when you need big storage and don't care about speed.

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    I'm going to recommend RAID 10 as well. I wouldn't worry too much about I/O, since it looks like you have plenty of RAM to maximize cache hits.
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    The mail server won't make much use of that - you've generally more writes than reads with even semi-busy mailboxes.
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    And you can't get Raid10 in a Dell R210 as it doesn't have enough drive bays. R1 is your best and really only realistic option.

    SSD would of course help too.

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    If your going the Dell route and colocating, I would look at the PowerEdge R320 minimum. This would give you the option to have hot swap hard drives.

    Id also recommend that you get the iDRAC 7 Enterprise for remote management.

    You could also look at dealing with a system builder and getting a Supermicro server built. If you want to give this option a try on pricing, I recommend Clark from Orange Sky Technologies ; [email protected]

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    In a virtual machine hosting environment I would highly recommend 2x SSD (HW raid1) and raid10 for your traditional disks. The more disks in the raid10 array the better the performance. (4,6,8,ect)

    That should do the trick for what you plan to host.
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